How to be good at Group Discussion – Tips & Tricks



Finally something that summaries how to handle a GD!

Originally posted on Khushii's Journal:

Group discussion, more commonly known as GD has become an important part of many competitive and placement exams. It gives the insight of a person on many levels, like, speaking skills, confidence, team spirit, leadership qualities, knowledge, art of conversation and understanding and handling a situation.

Participating in a group discussion is not as tough as it is projected by people. If you just take care of a few basic things, you can rock it easily.

First of all we should understand, what a group discussion is???

Speaking simply, group discussion is an activity in which 6 to 10 people (usually) participate to discuss a topic. And everyone wants to be the star performer of their group! So, what can be done?

Well, first things first, the basics:

1. Speaking skills: You should make sure to have decent speaking skills. Right language, right pronunciation and right grammar. Speak in English…

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