The House Of Cards – Part II


Khushii's Journal

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“How should I escape this house of cards?…

It seems impossible, it is so hard.”

And when you’re sure you are all abandoned, the bell rings with a big bang, you quiver and wonder,

Was it real or just a dream? Of course, there can’t be dragons that are cream!

And when you peep out of the window shaking your head, your Friends scream, “open the door, you dumb lad”.

You are still delusional,

“lets turn around and see”,

“Oh….it’s just a pillow and a sleepy me.”

You sigh in relief, you know it was a dream,

“It can’t be real, I need not scream”.

With smile on your face, as you pull up and leave, someone whispers,

“Hello friend, wasn’t it fun, come, I’ll make you believe!”

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The House Of Cards – Part I


Khushii's Journal

Khushii Design Courtesy Kailash Sharma

“As you walk in the house of cards with white collared jobs and suits to rob, you see the throne that makes you play games with consent or with silent sly aims.

A mystery to solve, or a vampire to fight, there are some dragons, there are some knights.

Cases and diaries, on the table, corps and blood in the stable.

“Where am I stuck? How can I be here? Hello! Is anybody there?”

All silent and spooky here,

“Is this a house of cards or a murder trail?”

But if it’s a murder where are the rest? “Am I safe in here or is there Dexter hiding to take my test?”

“It feels all around, I do confess. I need Holmes so I can rest.”

It is scary and a little fun, but it’s an adventure as deadly as a gun.

Papers and secrets, blood…

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How to be good at Group Discussion – Tips & Tricks


Finally something that summaries how to handle a GD!

Khushii's Journal

Group discussion, more commonly known as GD has become an important part of many competitive and placement exams. It gives the insight of a person on many levels, like, speaking skills, confidence, team spirit, leadership qualities, knowledge, art of conversation and understanding and handling a situation.

Participating in a group discussion is not as tough as it is projected by people. If you just take care of a few basic things, you can rock it easily.

First of all we should understand, what a group discussion is???

Speaking simply, group discussion is an activity in which 6 to 10 people (usually) participate to discuss a topic. And everyone wants to be the star performer of their group! So, what can be done?

Well, first things first, the basics:

1. Speaking skills: You should make sure to have decent speaking skills. Right language, right pronunciation and right grammar. Speak in English…

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